Every client’s situation is different and its important to understand exactly what their expectations and motivations are from the beginning of our process. Some clients are going their separate ways and I need to communicate with both of them and figure out the best approach to make sure they both feel it’s going okay. Some clients are downsizing and there could be some difficulty around that, and understanding what they might need. No matter the buying or selling situation, good communication helps us make sure we get to the end goal with the most ease and comfort.

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Liz is part of a very strong team and I found this to be invaluable. Essential communications with appraisers, loan and escrow officers and the seller’s agent proceeded seamlessly…I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Nicholas., Happy Homeowner
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Liz was very available for us at the times that we were free (often late in the evening after work), and she quickly responded to emails, texts, and phone messages. She made us feel like we were always her top priority.
— Poonam J., Busy Client
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